The Reverend Wendy Huber:  Rev. Wendy is a "third act" priest who was called to ministry after a successful career as an attorney specializing in conflict management. She went to a specialized school of ministry (The IONA School) to serve the small church.  She loves: fly fishing; all animals especially mammals; pretending to ski and knit; her children, Robert, 23 & Jennifer, 36 (and her husband Jay); her granddaughter, Lola, 2 yrs.; her grandson Grayson Anthony; her husband of 28 years, "The Professor," Stephen; serving the small rural church.





Bishop's Committee

  • Jaci Spuhler, Bishop’s Warden

  • Stu Dykstra, Jr. Warden

  • Kathy Dykstra, Treasurer

  • Tim Jacobs

  • Victoria Palmer

  • Alan Rayne

  • Katherine Richardson

    Lay Pastoral Leader

  • Tamaira Terry


Jeff Van Devender

Music Selection: Christine Burke